Corporate Tax

Our team is capable of preparing complex consolidated returns,in some of the cases we begin with Basic Information and then move to Information About Income also we calculate some of the Deductions - Tax-deductible Expenses -Bad debts, Charitable contributions, Interest expense, Officer compensation, Other salaries/wages,Rents,Repairs and maintenance,Taxes and licenses, Depreciation (Form 4562), Depletion, Advertising,Pension, profit-sharing, Employee benefit programs, Domestic production activities (Form 8903)

Other deductions (create a separate schedule) include:

Business startup and organizational costs, Insurance premiums, Legal and professional fees, Supplies used in the business, Travel, meals and entertainment expenses.

Team is alo capable of handling 

Schedule A Cost of Goods Sold

Schedule C - Dividends and Special Deductions

Compensation of officers

Schedule J - More detail on tax computation, credits and other taxes

Schedule K - Other information, about accounting method,

Schedule L - Balance Sheet per books,

Schedule M-1 Reconciliation of Income/Loss Per books with per return Schedule M-2 Analysis of un-appropriated retained earnings per books


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